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Upcoming Events

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Public Talks & Webinars

Host regular public talks and webinars where experts in various fields of bioengineering and science can present their work in layman's terms. These will be held in local schools, libraries, or community centres, as well as online to reach a wider audience.

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Volunteer Programs

Encourage people to get involved with Bioluminate by volunteering to help organize events, write up posts on our social media, and spread the word about our organization.


Science Writing Workshops

Organize workshops to train aspiring science writers on how to effectively communicate complex scientific topics with the goal to spread scientific literacy and spark passion. 


Community Outreach

​Engage with the local community by hosting workshops and talks in community centres as well as reaching out to underprivileged communities in Singapore who lack access to scientific education.

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Partnerships & Fundraising

Partner with local hospitals and organisations related to areas in bioengineering and support them by holding fundraising events.

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Raising Awareness

Raise awareness about recent breakthroughs in the bioengineering field through our social media platforms. paragraph. 

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