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Welcome to Bioluminate! 

Hi everyone, I am Wen Ying Ying Li the founder of this organisation, Bioluminate! I initiated this NGO to not only shed light on the versatile field of bioengineering but also to give back to the community via my passion for science. The main aim of Bioluminate will be to appreciate the new breakthroughs in the realm of bioengineering and to ultimately enhance the bridge between scientists and the general public in an engaging and understandable manner. Whether that be done through holding workshops, conferences, or sharing bite-size information online, we hope to raise more awareness about this aspect of engineering and to share our love for it with others globally. Stay tuned ~

Our Team


Krish Kahol Carbajo

Head of Logistics


Chloe Bounkeua

Head of Media


Gracelyn Yu

Head of Outreach

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